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Are Constant Back/neck Muscle Spasms Common With Nr-axSpA?

Are Constant Back/neck Muscle Spasms Common With Nr-axSpA?

My doctor believes I have nr-axSpA based on my history of 30+ years of back/neck pain, severe thoracic/pelvic pain when lying down, and doing just fine during the day. I also have a family history of Ankylosis spondylitis and I test positive for the gene.

However, what has driven me over the last 30 years to seek medical help, is constant muscle spasms in my neck and entire back. This has severely impacted my range of motion. Nerve conduction studies confirm that the muscles along my entire… read more

A MySpondylitisTeam Member said:

Give it a try, if you don't see/feel a difference in 6 months try something else.

posted 18 days ago
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