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how did your condition affect your sex life and relationship?

Pretty well the question above is what I would like to know. My whole spine has so many issues and god help me first spine surgery L4 TO S1 both sides at this point. Next hopefully new kneecap since that's really done. I know I'll have to look after myself and that's fine did that when I was married at the time and that was brain surgery sorry not a pity party. Just wondering how your partner reacted/changed once you were basically bed ridden.

posted 1 day ago by A MySpondylitisTeam User

Does anyone else have problems with mouth ulcers?

I have had problems with mouth ulcers for a long time but over the last six months they are a constant problem. I suspect naproxen is making worse. Does anyone else have issues with this? Is it medication or due to condition itself?

posted 4 days ago by A MySpondylitisTeam User
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I was on Naproxen for years and never had ulcers but everyone is different. would be worth having your blood checked for iron deficiency sometimes if… read more

posted 3 days ago

Severe Spasms

I had a huge spasm in my spine and my legs just collapsed and i ended up face first in a big puddle it took me nearly 5 mins to get my legs to work again is this normal

posted 8 days ago by A MySpondylitisTeam User
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Been under a lot of stress the last little while totally forgot to take my Humira realized a week later then took it. Can someone please tell me when I… read more

posted 6 days ago

Would surgery help i also have stenosis of my spine

posted 8 days ago by A MySpondylitisTeam User
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I had lower back surgery back in sept and for awhile everything seem good . Then the hip pain to turn was a struggle. I have spondylilisthesisof… read more

posted 5 days ago

Pains in my Ankles & Feet.

Although it’s not a new pain, it’s a horrible pain & when it starts I can’t walk properly because from just above my ankles into my feet the pain is really bad, I feel like crying sometimes with it, because it’s that powerful.
I have put creams on them soaked them, massages them nothing helps I get very restless with the pain till I eventually fall asleep after fighting with the quilt, on the bed off the bed.

posted 12 days ago by A MySpondylitisTeam User
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I have the same thing, feet especially painful at night and first thing on morning. Sometimes too painful to walk. I'm only 60 but shuffle around like… read more

posted about 21 hours ago

Restless legs

I dont know if its my meds or my condition but i just cant keep still day or night, worse at night when just laying still.
Anyone else suffer with this and if so any help or info please.

posted 12 days ago by A MySpondylitisTeam User
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I have had them they helped me stay still long enough to get to sleep

posted 8 days ago

Hand and feet numbness?

So, trying, really trying to figure out why, after a horrible flare I was left with loss of sensation in both hands and both feet. I had to be off of meds for 3 months, and flared. I've had EMG (ouch), nerve conduction tests, mri's and more. They confirmed active and severe loss of nerve conduction. Told me carpal tunnel. I knew it wasn't! I had no pain, and numbness started suddenly and wasn't worse at night. But if I refused surgery, they wouldn't look for anything else, such as why both… read more

posted 15 days ago by A MySpondylitisTeam User
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I agree. Pretty sure those same symptoms I have are spine related

posted 5 days ago

does anyone else get intense pain between shoulders when walking but subsides after resting?

posted 23 days ago by A MySpondylitisTeam User
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Yes. It's sharp and it burns. I immediately stop what I'm doing. The only relief is laying down.

posted 16 days ago

How do you deal with limited access to care?

I find access hard to the specialists I need. I have waited years to get a local rheumatologist. I have no idea what they will do or say and that is horrifying.

posted 24 days ago by A MySpondylitisTeam User

Same here. And worse when you get a new one. Few stay in rural settings, so inevitably you get new ones often. Each one starts by saying "you're a… read more

posted 15 days ago

Is spondylitis the same as. Spondylolisthesis!

posted 25 days ago by A MySpondylitisTeam User
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I have spondylolisthesis. One of the vertebra has slipped out of alignment. In my case it is caused by degenerative disc disease.

posted 10 days ago
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