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How do you answer a question to another, friend, spouse, reletive, etc.? about AS

I don't know what to say to them with out getting into a fight about it. My family always starts up an argument about what I try to say. Then I end up running to my room crying.

posted 3 days ago by A MySpondylitisTeam User

I have friends and family like that. We don’t really talk about my illness. We just joke and laugh about different things I do that are not me.

posted about 17 hours ago
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Disability and partner disengaged even for sex

hi I've asked a similar question earlier. Did your partner disengage and isn't at all into having sex with you. We had a fabulous sex life, conversations we even worked together for years before dating, 2 years before I would move in. He claims it's because he doesn't want to make me worse. BS and I've said constantly I just can't do flips anymore. No human touches in fact he goes straight in front of tv after work and spending time with me is him watching tv beside… read more

posted 14 days ago by A MySpondylitisTeam User

Thanks louise

posted 2 days ago
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Joints “popping” after flare up.

Hi everyone,

I was recently diagnosed with AS and im currently only taking prescription NSAID. I just had a 2 week very painful flare up and seem to be coming out of it. The last day or 2 it seems that my back and other joints are “popping” more than usual even while doing everyday activities.

Does anyone else have this symptom after a rough flare up?

posted 15 days ago by A MySpondylitisTeam User

I have a problem with my knees and neck and fingers cracking when I move them its much worse when the weather is cold and wet

posted 9 days ago
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How do doctors give diagnosis when so my things have the same symptoms ???? How can they tell what is what. Not all can be found with blood test.

posted 29 days ago by A MySpondylitisTeam User

Blood tests,personal interviews, x-rays etc.

posted about 24 hours ago
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Can a degenerative spine cause a pain / stiffness in the shoulder?

Diagnosed with degenerative spine low neck 16 yrs ago. It flares up every few years and feels like a golf ball stuck in my neck. Nauseating, can’t sit stand walk eat without the pain. Had 2 cortisone injections over 16 years and lots of pain killers. I now have developed a stiffness and pain in my shoulder where I can’t put my arm behind my back without pain. Thoughts were a frozen shoulder but reading some comments on here I wonder if there… read more

posted about 1 month ago by A MySpondylitisTeam User

At my therapy session today he told me the spine controls the whole body.

posted about 23 hours ago
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Pain on middle of back

I am in pain in middle of back most days gets me down and joints. Can this be the AS. Seeing a neurologist next month about this as may be neuropathic pain. Just fed up with it not knowing what is.?.
Hope you are all well xx

posted about 1 month ago by A MySpondylitisTeam User

Thank you for your reply.
It is the unknown of what is causing this.
Hope you are well x

posted 30 days ago
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Has anyone tried acupuncture? I have a fracture at L5 and sciatica and am in pain most days.

posted about 1 month ago by A MySpondylitisTeam User

I have had it at two different places in NHS Hospitals and when it was done by a consultant anaesthetist who specialised in acupuncture it worked more… read more

posted 6 days ago
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Can spondylitis in the spine cause neck pain and hand numbness?

Recently I've been having neck pain, which feels stiff and my hands sometimes feel a little numb or like I'm getting pins and needles. My arms are fine it's just my neck and hands. Could anyone please tell me if this is related to the spondylitis in my spine? Many thanks.

posted about 1 month ago by A MySpondylitisTeam User

Yes I suffering a lot unfortunately

posted 11 days ago
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I also have fibromyalgia and barretts oesophagus therefore cant take ibrufen. Is there anything else that would help.i have no quality of life.

posted about 1 month ago by A MySpondylitisTeam User

@Advile. The wheat free sugar free dairy free diet is excellent for any health problem

posted 28 days ago
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