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Worst Pain Day After Cimzia Shot?

Worst Pain Day After Cimzia Shot?

Hello Everyone,
I started Cimzia back at the end of March so I am nearing the mark of how well it will work for me. I was curious if anyone else experienced an increase in stiffness and pain the day after a shot. I have noticed this the last couple times and I haven't felt this pain in a while. I wasn't sure if it was a side effect or not. I am super limited on medications I can take due to nursing my daughter that is why I started Cimzia to see if I could get any relief until I… read more

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A MySpondylitisTeam Member said:

Thank you for your answers. I don't believe it is a side effect. I have looked at all of them. Plus the pain has almost been going for a week now. I do… read more

posted 27 days ago
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