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Where/how Can I Find A Dr With Right Diagnosis.Had 3 Doctors With Different Diagnosis.
A MySpondylitisTeam Member asked a question 💭
posted November 20, 2022
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A MySpondylitisTeam Member

It's normal. Best doctor is You. You research everything and evaluate everything they say and doubt it all. The medical community is on a learning curve and our medical problems are are different to each of us, but in ways the same.
Doctors, others with first hand experience either with family, friends, or having patients in the timing of years are the best ones. However, the greatest doctors are the ones who say I am still learning everyday on my medical journey to cure people, so walk with me.
To many people want instant healing and it's not going to happen especially when they to not make the effort to take care of themselves. ( I am guilty of this) the best way for anyone to learn is education by experience.
That is what books, schools, elders, first hand experience does, and record keeping. I wish my family before me kept track of each other and their illnesses and passed it on, that way everyone after them would know about inherited problems like AS. I have made sure.
My family has other inherited problems I have made sure that is known. But as always some just do not care....ugh. I care about the generations after me.
Anyway, remember You are the best Researcher and Doctor for Yourself. Find something to question, take it in to your medical professional. If they scoff at you, they are a quack. Find another who care about You and not afraid to be asked any question of any kind related to your health.
That said...watch out for scams, hoaxes, and things that could hurt you or turn you into a zombie. I have come across personally quite a few.
Best to you

posted November 20, 2022

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