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Migraine Headaches
A MySpondylitisTeam Member asked a question 💭

It’s very early here on the west coast and I was awakened by another migraine…ugh. My Neurologist has put me on a new migraine medication called Ubrelvy. My question is how many of you suffer from migraines, which medication do you use or not use? I’ve been told that it is part of AS. I also use ginger and peppermint in my oil diffuser. Thank you in advance for answering!

posted September 15, 2022
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A MySpondylitisTeam Member

Hey there! Im so sorry to hear about your friend. It is a damn shame!! She should know what you’re going through, or could a least try to understand. Who doesn’t know what not feeling well is? Ya see, that’s what I’m saying, some people just don’t get it. Maybe her feelings are hurt thinking that you’re avoiding her. If she’s really a friend, you’ll hear from her. If not, well then at least you know. I’m hanging in here. Just got back from ENT appointment. Possibly meneieres. We’ll see, time will tell. Although I’ve been dealing with it for forever. How about you? Are you at least getting used to the Imuran? In other words, are the nasty side effects calming down some? Geez I hope so. When you had your heart attack, did you get chest tightness, sharp pains? What about any palpitations prior? Lord have mercy, I’m sorry to about that too. Must’ve been terrifying. Thank goodness your son was with you! The comfort of our loved ones being there. I’m so thankful for this cool down. It is helping a bit. How about for you? If I don’t hear from you, enjoy your weekend. 🤗

posted September 16, 2022
A MySpondylitisTeam Member

Good morning Laura,
I’m one that has suffered with migraines since I was a young teenager. I’ve never been told it’s part of AS, but it doesn’t surprise me. I always thought it was something my grandma passed on down to me, as she was a migraine sufferer as well. She did have RA along with another autoimmune. Thank you for confirming this though. Ever since the Enbrel it seems like they’ve become more frequent again. I’ve been taking my rizatriptans every other day. I have 2 left until mid October 😳. Are you getting any better on the lupus medicine? I’m praying you are. 💐
BTW, I responded to your last post and of course my response was lengthy cause I can be a Chatty Cathy, but I don’t see it, like it got deleted? Just don’t want you to think I didn’t respond. Rest and relax.

posted September 15, 2022
A MySpondylitisTeam Member

I use Imitrex.

posted September 25, 2022
A MySpondylitisTeam Member

Cayenne a little nip high unit organic vitacost.

posted September 19, 2022
A MySpondylitisTeam Member

Hope you feel better soon Laural I use to get them alot when I was younger take care xx

posted September 18, 2022

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