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I Have Spondalytis AND Lyme Disease

I Have Spondalytis AND Lyme Disease

Anyone else worth spondalytis have Lyme disease!!! I'm 44 but was infected with Lyme unknowingly around age 17 in Arkansas. I passed onto all 3 of my children as I didn't know until 16 years AFTER initial infection. So now I have all this stuff...narcolepsy...chronic fatigue syndrome...sleep apnea....spasmodic dysphonia...bipolor disorder...early onset dinentia...and the list goes on....what if it's ALL the Lyme disease and not all these other names??

A MySpondylitisTeam Member said:

Damn, that's a lot of things going on!! You must be a really strong person to withstand it all.I wish all the best to you. Be like the Do - Dah man. Keep on trucking!!

posted 14 days ago
A MySpondylitisTeam Member said:

Jennifer I am so sorry you’re in so much pain. Sometimes it is so overwhelming you think what can I do? I just normally cry and it makes me feel better. I know that’s not a fix but sometimes just letting the frustration out helps. Others on this site can relate and never judge so post away how you feel!!!

posted 1 day ago
A MySpondylitisTeam Member said:

That’s very difficult I can imagine because I’ve dealt with these same symptoms for years and it’s gotten worse as years have gone on, and been very mentally difficult because I didn’t realize that something was medically going on for a long time, but I’ve not been diagnosed with Lyme I wonder if I was even tested for things like that, I was diagnosed with TBI but they can’t tell me when it happened, I have had head trauma but the symptoms started years later, how do they treat your condition of Lyme disease, and if you don’t mind what type of treatment do you receive for the mental health parts and the the other symptoms you listed? I have been treated for those symptoms separately but it’s only getting worse especially since my back pain has worsened so much for the past two years. I had a spinal surgery and reconstruction 5 weeks ago, the pain before surgery was gone but severe recovery pain, however 2 weeks ago the pre-surgery pain returned in full force in addition to recovery pain after one and half weeks, it really has put me in a bad place physically and mentally, severe pain and back to hardly being able to walk again, it builds up so fast I can’t hardly do anything, and chest hurts and short of breath as I had presurgery, it’s been like hell, anyways thanks for any info you might give if it’s ok if not I understand, please be well

posted 13 days ago
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