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Has Anyone Taken Otezla To Treat Their AS?

Has Anyone Taken Otezla To Treat Their AS?

I am 53 yo female, recently diagnosed with an Inflammatory arthritis, HLA B27 positive. I have been treating the pain with Zorvolex ...usually 35 mg twice a day and although I have also been prescribed Humira, I don’t want to take it. Doctor agreed to trial run oral medicine and Otezla and Sulfasalazine were mentioned alternates. I

A MySpondylitisTeam Member said:

Hope it works for you.I had the same fear about taking a biologic med.I took several now taking cosentyx with good results

posted 28 days ago
A MySpondylitisTeam Member said:

Humira is my doctors #1 recommendation and the citrate free version is reported to be the most user friendly.
Even so, I sought a second opinion and I’m going to start with Otezla to help manage inflammation.

posted 22 days ago
A MySpondylitisTeam Member said:

Hope humira works .My son takes Humira and is doing good with it.

posted 24 days ago
A MySpondylitisTeam Member said:

I have been on humira about three months I have not been has Stiff however dr say try for 6months could go back into remission and I can get back to some physical activity

posted 25 days ago
A MySpondylitisTeam Member said:

Appreciate replies- thank you. I haven’t noticed a lack of MD caring. Im still trying to understand what is happening physiologically. One MD sees an “undifferentiated spondylitis” and the other sees Ankylosing Spondylitis. This inflammatory process declared itself officially in Feb of 2020 via Lab work. Because I’m afraid of taking Biological meds, months have passed and I’m essentially untreated and just need to do something and will give the OteZla a try. My worst symptoms are in my collarbones where they attach at the breastbone, my neck (stiffness and fusion) and mid back. I’ve got some torn cartilage in one of my hips. Tendon pain in hamstrings Sounds awful to write about .... awful labs too. I need my inflammation markers to improve and hope the Otezla does this.

posted 29 days ago
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