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Pain Meds Or Cannabis

Pain Meds Or Cannabis

Lumbar spondylitis with bulging discs is my condition, I'm prescribed norco 4x daily. My friend thinks I should just smoke cannabis for pain relief. It is not sufficient. But I cannot convince him. Therefore I'm a druggie in his eyes.

A MySpondylitisTeam Member said:

Take no notice of this fool, he would think differently if he was in the pain that you are, some people would consider him a druggie for smoking cannabis, don't let people like him make you feel guilty for finding pain relief and you don't have to tell anyone what medication you take, with some people it's best to tell them nothing then they can't criticise you. For the doctor to give you opiate pain meds you must have severe pain and taking over the counter medication like ibuprofen or paracetamol in large doses would do you a lot of harm. Tell this hypocrite that when he has pain like yours then he can have an opinion on what to take but until then he has no idea what he would do in your position. People like this make me really angry, they try and make people like us feel guilty for taking medication to help us and don't know what they are talking about. Take care of yourself and ignore this clown. X

posted 19 days ago
A MySpondylitisTeam Member said:

I myself was on 3 different narcos at once, and it only seemed to make me sick. I got off went through the horrible withdrawals, but came out the other side. To me my pain levels weren't nearly as bad afterwards. I got my med card for cannabis, and to me it helps a great deal with easing the pain, taking your mind off the pain so not so focused on it, and helping my body relax on its own ridiculous the pain. Good luck.

posted 13 days ago
A MySpondylitisTeam Member said:

Debbie Cahoon,
Taking the medication you need to ease your pain is not abusing drugs, you are not doing it to get high but to make your life bearable, if you are in pain you will not be able to move around or get the exercise you need to stop your body from seizing up. Then you will be stiff and in more pain, I only have to sit still on the bus for my legs to start hurting and it's only a 10 minute journey, I have to stand up and move around to make it ease off. Its a vicious circle you can easily fall into so take what you need to be pain free or to ease it enough so you can move around, don't worry about what your guy thinks, if he's that bad don't tell him, some people will never understand unless it happens to them, then they wouldn't be so quick to judge you. X

posted 18 days ago
A MySpondylitisTeam Member said:

Hi Debbie. Read my post from a couple of days ago about the bulging discs. I take oxycodone 4x a day. Also a little cannabis at bedtime.

posted 20 days ago
A MySpondylitisTeam Member said:

No one can judge you for what you use for pain. Tell him it isn't you that hurts. And if he wants to call you a druggy who is he to talk? Please don't anyone put you down or verbally abuse you. You know what works for your pain.

posted 9 days ago
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