I was in ER today got my 5 year Iritis specialist office closed. They called eye Dr I have drops to get me through till Monday he told them I need to test for autoimmune something that was brought up before they didn't order. Each time I get it get worse. Last time happened Thanksgiving couldn't see Dr till Monday I got glucoma as a complication my pressures to high.

A MySpondylitisTeam Member said:

They make CBD eyedrops for macular degeneration, but specifically for decreasing the pressure in the eyes. My mom has dry macular degeneration. She's on cbd dominant feco, cbd powder but won't take the eye drops. Maybe because I make her capsules, her CBD OIL and she's had such great results that she only wants me to make her medicine, ugh. I have axial and peripheral spondylitis. She's just NOW, at77, going through super active spondylitis everywhere mine is but mine started at 10 y/o, not 68, when she was diagnosed. Right after my hubby died suddenly, she freaked out and stayed in her room sleeping, for 5 WEEKS! 😮 The Widow, me, took care of who's supposed to be taking care of the Widow! I was concerned she was not far from leaving for good. Since she has been taking CBD capsules BID w/added CBG, she quit one of her antidepressants, her blood pressure was 120 /74, great pulse. She take hydrocortisone so they check kidneys each time and her declining B. U. N. went up. She just stopped her CBD caps and powder, just stopped it thinking it was the cause of her cold, I repeated my explanation I always use, homeostasis between body systems and especially effective on diseases born from severe inflammation. When she stays on her CBD, it can be raised to a curative amount. If you stop using it, you pretty much have to start over and go through your worst pain again before getting your dose up. You wouldn't do that with cancer or even strep throat, why would you do it with medicine for cancer or other serious ailments?I am so worried about her, so I am certain you are fighting anxiety too. Cannabis helps with that also. All you need to do is make raw FECO into a mixture of olive oil and lecithin.

posted 2 days ago
A MySpondylitisTeam Member said:

My husband and I just started a trial of Cannabis oil with a coconut oil base. It’s enough for us to take twice a day for 2 weeks and see how we do with it, like it.
It’s just so expensive and not covered by insurance 😞.
We tried a sample of it in a pure hemp oil base, very earthy taste and it caught in my very dry throat and it was irritated the rest of the day.
So we opted for for coconut base.
Do you use straight oil, capsules, gummies??
Which form do you find works the best and like the best?
My Rheumatologist suggested trying it and we have a Hemp Co. less than an hour drive from our home. They they grow and make everything there. The Lavender hand/body cream was really nice.
Anxious to see how well it works😊

posted about 9 hours ago
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