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Does Anyone Else Have Trouble Controlling Your Body Temperature? Sometimes I Am Freezing, Other Times Burning Up.
A MySpondylitisTeam Member asked a question 💭

If I sit or lay down for too long, my fingers and toes get very cold and soon, I feel like I am freezing to death. When I get up and move around, I feel okay after a little while. But, if I move around a lot, I over heat, and it takes forever to cool off and i feel very weak.

posted May 19, 2019
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A MySpondylitisTeam Member

It happens when I sleep so I got a duo derm padded top layer for my mattress .
Also better pillows that are soft and I sleep slightly elevated
I find the discs push into the spine and if I sleep too long I get that numbness and cold feeling in legs and hands
You have sensory nerves that come out horizontally from the disc areas . When your discs become herniated and lack the inflated spongy-ness and space between the vertebrae areas, it affects these sensory nerves.
Above the waist is the vagus nerves and below the nerves is para- sympathetic nerves.
Lumbar area in back causes sciatic pain that runs down your leg. I wear a Velcro’s belt around my lower hips under shirts and suits. I dint have that leg pain anymore. Velcrose belt was online and cost $44
Hardly take gabapentin in the volume I was taking it. Makes you acidic. Eyes get glossy.
I drink aloe Vera juice - cup a day to make me 7.0 PH alkaline. ( good for you unless you have low platelets or leukemia - blood disease )

posted June 6, 2019
A MySpondylitisTeam Member

I recently learned about a "cooling vset." It sounds like some of us could really use it! Many pockets for soft ice packs. Wear it to bed! Someone else recently mentioned a large cooling pad for dogs she accidently discovered works well for her. Things to consider....

posted July 18, 2019
A MySpondylitisTeam Member

I find I need oils for the nervous system and that feeling of temperature and numbness goes away. I do vitamins A,D, and Omega 3
And of course three times a day Magnesium Glyconate-chelated magnesium they call it-200 mg
The nerves need lubrication
Don't take aspirin. It destroys collagen. "Anatomy of an Illness" by Norman Cousins ligaments, tendons, skin replication these get destroyed with aspirin.
Vitamins A,D, and Omega 3 do like aspirin, they also thin the blood.

posted May 31, 2019
A MySpondylitisTeam Member

I go thru the same thing but my biggest temperature complaint is the acute profuse sweating. I can be sitting still in a cool restaurant on a cool booth seat and suddenly break out in a bad sweat. I'm not talking a pretty, glowing sweat. This is a "I just ran half a mile and boy am I out of shape" sweat. Unfortunately its NOT hormonal so no light at the end if this tunnel. I've always hated winters and summer was my favorite season but now I'm not liking summer much either.

posted August 2, 2019
A MySpondylitisTeam Member

I hear you loud and clear @A MySpondylitisTeam Member
Summer has ALWAYS been my favorite season. I moved to Florida and swore I'd NEVER live above the snow line again!
Went away briefly and felt better. Went back to Florida for two years UTTERLY INCAPACITATED. ALL my symptoms were WAYYY worse. I could not think or function. I did not know it was the heat doing me in. Many things happened at once and I fled for my life... literally! I fled to a friend who happens to be in far north. I got slightly better the further north I went. Cool breezy days are heaven. Some days actually get hot up here (like today). I am incapacitated on these hot days. It takes everything out of me, reducing me to crying hopelessly in pain and exhaustion. It takes a lot of energy to focus pain away, and in the heat.... forget it! Good news is,,, there are not too many hot days here. Bad news... idk how the winter is gonna go either. I'm afraid it will kill me. I remember snowy winters making my bone marrow frozen and brittle. We'll see.
Funny, my dad started in snow country, brittle. Moved to Florida. After a bit said hes allergic to sun and too hot! Huh??? No such thing. Then moved back to snow country. That was my experience too! I never could have imagined "allergic to the sun" or "too hot." But yup. I get it now Dad!

posted August 4, 2019

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