Has a "professional" eg, Dr. surgeon, specialist ever doubted your pain? Looked at yu like you are crazy or a drug seeker?

Has a "professional" eg, Dr. surgeon, specialist ever doubted your pain? Looked at yu like you are crazy or a drug seeker?

I started symptoms when I was 16, chiropractors and more chiropractors until my early 30's and I quit. Diagnosed at 43 :'( Two spinal fusion surgeries, 70% curve in my l 4, l 5 and because I walked around with a fractured screw for over a year after my first surgery that caused 6 discs to rupture which were caged in my second surgery along with rods, bigger now :/ pins screws etc etc etc, instead… read more

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After 35 years, I finally found a Dr who did the right tests and was able to diagnose my problem. I had been told I was an attention seeking child, my pain was growing pains, it was psychosomatic and so on. Even as an adult the Drs would still doubt me as I had no real outward signs and my bloods always came back reasonably normal. To finally have a name, a reason has sent me on a high. When I woke up in pain today, I just felt lighter, almost happy because I could finally say to myself I was in pain due to my SpA, the MRI showed it was real.. The other things I have been experiencing (fatigue, brain fog, IBS symptoms ) all could be related to this too..

posted 10 months ago
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So sorry to hear this Janice ScullyKovach, I think a lot of the confusion comes from the fact that all drugs are lumped together and the more recreational type of drugs like cannabis and amphetamines can be used that way by people but the painkillers and opiates are only really used for pain, the thing is that they are emotional painkillers as well as physical pain killers but either way they are always used by those who are in pain. The thought of using them for fun is madness they make you sick as a dog if you are not used to them so where's the fun and recreation in that. They ought to have clearer information about the different types of drugs and not just lump them all together it would stop some of the confusion about why people take certain medications and doctors would not jump to the wrong conclusions about people's needs for the drug. Painkillers don't work unless you have pain to kill, there is no recreational reason to be taking them, even drug addicts take them cause they have a lot of emotional pain usually from a bad start in their life. We should pity them not demonise them most have been terribly abused.

posted 4 months ago
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Yes, it took me five years before I was told I had AS. I visited at least 5 or more doctors trying to find answers. One ortho surgeon wrote in my report, "I believe the patient may have Waddles Syndrome". Naturally I looked it up, only to discover it meant I was probably suffering psychosomatic illness! Lastly, I went to a pelvic specialist to see if I had something wrong internally. She found nothing except that all my muscles beside my SI joints were trembling out of control for some reason. She recommended an arthritis doctor. From there it was discovered my SI joints had fused. I am so sorry for your terrible experience and send you my sincerest and best regards.

posted about 2 years ago
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I know ya pain. I have bad curve in shoulders it’s almost when I look up only with eyes. Had 2 previous back sugery and now every disc from neck to where my fusion are out but 1 and in the middle where the nerves run up and down has closed on my nerves. On my Mri there’s a big knot looking thing at bottom where they run, it’s all my netves. 3 neurologist have ask how am I still walk I barely do can make it from one end of house to other. Each one also told me the more metal more the pain. One told me I’d hurt 70 times more than now. That’s not even possible I said. He’s like you will see. Haven’t had any surgery yet. And my family excepts me to push mow the yard. Move furniture. It’s awful. And thank you Lord for all of you, I thought I was starting to really lose my mind. Everyone was telling me I needed checked. I thought no more drs. Now I know I’m not. Thank you Father I have a great understanding dr that has done way above controlling my pain. I wish this dr understanding part for each one of you

posted about 2 months ago
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I went thru the same thing but it started at age 22. I am 56 today and drs still look at me l needed help not told I was just wanting pills from Drs.
I wish you good health and no grief.
Im on your side sweetie..
Don't give up.
We all have to fight to get what we need.
No one knows unless they go thru it.

posted 6 months ago
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