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MySpondylitisTeam Medical Reviewer | Emily Johnson

Posted on April 15, 2021

Emily Johnson

Emily Johnson launched the Arthritis Foodie community in September 2018 after
struggling with seronegative arthritis for five years. Her Instagram page has since gained
over 14,000 followers, with people looking to Emily for inspiration on living well with
arthritis. She lives in London, works in marketing, and has written the ultimate guide to living well with arthritis and chronic pain.

After a five-year battle with the condition, Emily embarked on a journey of healing — with food, exercise, and healthy living — and now, in her debut book, “Beat Arthritis Naturally,” she’s sharing the tools to put others on the path to taking back control of their own bodies. Emily has a fierce determination to change perceptions of what arthritis looks like. In “Beat Arthritis Naturally,” she delves into a variety of topics to help others feel better and manage pain holistically.