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How Does A Person Get Tested

How Does A Person Get Tested

A MySpondylitisTeam Member said:

Same here going to do MRI. I just want a answer

posted 7 months ago
A MySpondylitisTeam Member said:

I had blood work done but none of the inflammation or other rheumatic markers showed up in my blood. I guess that is not unusual though. I heard that there is another test that they can give you but I am not sure what that is.

posted 8 months ago
A MySpondylitisTeam Member said:

Nothing showed up in my blood test either but I have heard that blood test results can be different if done a few months later, having another test next week but don't hold out much hope that it will show anything. MRI, did show that I have spinal stenosis which is severe in my neck and lower back. I have found the best thing to do when having the MRI scan is to keep your eyes shut and don't open them until you are out of the scanner. X

posted 6 months ago
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